I have made some amendments to Assignment 4 based on Clive’s feedback.  Again I have tried to lighten all photos for printing.

I have moved the distorted taxi image – the link for me to the overall theme was that ghosts are illusions and the distorted taxi is also an illusion caused by the Camera Obscura’s mirror.

I wasn’t sure how Clive enhanced the ghost of the human in the shop window (original #3) but have tried to enhance it more.

In the original #2 photo with the light trails at the bottom I had been trying to include the cherry blossom at the top of the frame but I take Clive’s point that the light trails needed to be further up.

I do need to be more mindful of looking for the punctum or something to make the picture out of the ordinary rather than the pictoralist approach and understand where I went wrong with my comments about the roadworks and then with the  image of St Giles cathedral.

Original #6 – I have done further editing in Photoshop to try and address Clive’s comments.

Original #7 – I have tried to further enhance the huddle of ‘ghosts’.

Original #8 – I have tried to further enhance and lighten.

No changes to original #9 other than lightening for printing.II have gone back to my original set of photos and re-selected the one of the cathedral.  This one does have a couple of ghostly figures to the left which I have tried to enhance by using the burn tool:


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