Assignment 3 – Reworked

Again I have not done much more than tweak the original set and also print a colour set.  I have tried to lighten the images for printing and have taken off the captions.

I note Clive’s comments about Black & White can have a nostalgic element to it – I am at the stage of my life where looking back at childhood and having grandchildren the other side of the world can seem a bit nostalgic!  However, in this day and age children also can be very colourful – there was more of a story with the little girl splashing in the puddle – she had on what appeared to be brand new pink wellie boots – prior to splashing she had stopped and stared at her feet as if to say I don’t want to muck up my new boots – the lure of water however was irresistible!

B&W set tweaked as suggested:


And in colour …


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