Overall Comments
You chose a very good subject; it is all about the light!

Feedback on assignment
However the distorted taxi image is the one that probably least meets your idea so probably not a good idea to have it first in the series which probably needs to be your strongest image relating to your theme or one of them.

I think that might be image #3, even though it lacks the ghostly figures.
It has a particularly uncanny feeling and of course there is a ghost of a human in the window which could perhaps be made a little more of, like this…

Image #2 has got the elements and the tilt adds a dynamism to it, like jumping out of the way of the speeding car light trails but all the action is tight to the bottom of the of the frame, one wants to pull the camera down to see what’s happening below the bottom of the frame.

See Barthes ideas about studium and punctum.  The studium is what we expect to see, it’s what we don’t expect which engages our interest above being visually entertained.
With #4 your comments about the road works suggest a rather pictorialist approach, in
fact we should be looking for elements which disturb our expectations to make
interesting narratives in our images, such as you have in #3.

Going back to the previous assignment it’s the decisive moment which is the punctum
in that case and this assignment would have been a good opportunity to include your
learning from that assignment, which you were so successful with, into this

#5 is beautifully executed but it’s all stadium with no punctum; a fine pictorial representation of the church but lacking in the ghostly narrative.

#6 As you say doesn’t work in a square and is slightly tilted.  This crop is better and makes more of the figure…

#7 is potentially effective with a ‘huddle of ghosts’ but needs some post production work to make the most of it…

As with #8 too; in general the prints seem to be darker than the images on your blog.

#9 certainly makes for an interesting image, putting it in a category above most light
trail shots as we contemplate what the statue makes of the colourful miasma in front of
Overall I would say that it was an excellent idea which was realised more successfully in
some images than in others but more work in post production could improve the
outcome noticeably.

The coursework is fine as always.

As is the reserach

Learning Log

Great you got the image click through going!
What would have been good to have more of in the log is your reflections on how you are progressing conceptually as a photographer. How have your ideas about photography changed as you have progressed through the course and how do you feel your progress has been expressed through your work.

Suggested reading/viewing
Carry on with your approach.

Pointers for the next assignment / assessment
This is the assignment which sums up your development through the whole course
and it will be the final impression you leave with the assessors so take some time over
immediately comes to mind.
Typically in assessment one might look at the first and last assignment first to see the
progress in conceptual thinking, technique and approach so a well thought through
and executed last assignment can affect the outcome more than all the other
assignments so be sure to do something that really engages you and if your initial efforts aren’t panning out the way you’d hoped then stop and go in a different direction rather than ploughing on. You can run any ideas past me first if you like.

Tutor name Clive White
Date 15/5/17
Next assignment due 15/7/17

Reflections on Feedback

Unfortunately when you copy and paste from Clive’s feedback it does not paste his images – I will include a copy of all feedback provided in the hard copy for assessment.

I felt Clive’s feedback was all very valid for this assignment.  It was one due to work commitments I had struggled to find time to do very well or to have the head space to really reflect on what I was doing which is probably why I lost sight of the ‘punctum’ concept.  I hope to re-do a couple of the photos on one of my Scottish trips prior to needing to submit the work for assessment.

I hope to re-print photos for assessment – I have difficulty in that I do not own a printer and there is the difficulty of getting correct calibration.

I will spend time think and reflecting on my progress through the course and make some notes in the appropriate section on this blog.


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