Exercise 4.3

The Task

Capture ‘the beauty of artificial light’ in a short sequence of shots (‘beauty’ is, of course, a subjective term).  The correct white balance setting will be important; this can get tricky – but interesting – if there are mixed light sources of different colour temperatures in the same shot.  You can shoot indoors or outside but the light should be ambient rather than camera flash.  Add the sequence to your learning log.  In your notes try to describe the difference in the quality of light from the daylight shots in Exercise 4.2.

Please click on each image to get the full size photo.

I have always loved the city at night.  I jumped ahead of myself to take this series of images as I was in London at Christmas time.  The images were taken between twilight and night time – the photo of the Shard does run into the danger of being isolated in the frame.  I used the camera on a tripod and used long exposures.  This meant in some images I got light trails from passing cars to add to the interest.  This also turned the carousel into a circle of light.  In comparison with the images in Exercise 4.2 there is not a lot of detail in the actual sky but in most of the images there is enough detail in the buildings so this does not detract from the photo.

I also on one of my visits to Scotland went into Edinburgh and took photos of the Christmas lights and fairground rides with the thought that this could be expanded for Assignment 4.


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