Exercise 4.1

Exercise 4.1

The Task

  1. Set your camera to any of the auto or semi-auto modes.  Photograph a dark tone, a mid-tone and a light tone making sure that the tone fills the viewfinder frame (it’s not necessary to focus).  Add the shots to your learning log with quick sketches of the histograms and your observations.

I shot all three shots using card –black, grey and white.







As can be seen all three photos are the same with very similar graphs.  The graphs are all centred around 0-1.00

  1. Set your camera to manual mode.  Now you can see your light meter!  The mid tone exposure is indicated by the ‘0’ on the meter scale with darker or lighter exposures as – or + on either side.  Repeat the exercise in manual mode, this time adjusting either your aperture or shutter to place the dark, mid and light tones at their correct positions on the histogram.  The light and dark tones shouldn’t fall off either the left or right side of the graph.  Add the shots to your learning log with sketches of their histograms and your observations.



This shot shows that if you leave the shutter speed towards the darker end of the scale the histogram will be in the blacks accordingly.



The grey is closer to the mid tones – although set on my camera at 0 is sets slightly to the left.




The white goes to the right on the histogram.


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