Exercise 3.3

Exercise 3.3

The task

  1. What do the timeframes of the camera actually look like?  If you have a manual film camera, open the camera back (make sure there’s no film in the camera first!) and look through the shutter as you press the shutter release.  What is the shortest duration in which your eyes can perceive a recognisable image in bright daylight?  Describe the experiment in your learning log.

I am unable to complete this exercise before my assignment is due in as my film camera is in Scotland and I won’t be there again until the weekend of the 24th February – I will do the exercise then and write it up.


  1. Find a good viewpoint, perhaps fairly high up (an upstairs window might do) where you can see a wide view or panorama.  Start by looking at the thigs closest to you in the foreground.  Then pay attention to the details in the middle distance and, finally, the things toward the horizon.  Now try and see the whole landscape together, from the foreground to the horizon (you can move your eyes).  Incude the sky in your observation and try to see the whole visual field together, all in movement (there is always some movement).  When you’ve got it, raise you camera and take a picture.  Add the picture and the description of the process to your leaning log.

I chose to climb the hill near Peel Castle on the west coast of the Isle of Man to get a wide angle view.

In the foreground is the grass of the hill – looking down into the carpark there are two stationary cars.  The edge of a painted 3 legged Manx symbol can be seen beside a litter bin.  There is a gate and pathway as well as another red bin in the carpark.  There is a wall which is at the edge of the causeway between the island the castle is on and the mainland.  Fenella beach can be seen in the middle ground with some people moving about the beach and the edge of the waves.  At the end of the middle ground there is the cliffs at the edge of the castle.  The watchtower is at the edge and there is a wall surrounding the castle.  Out to the right of the castle is the entrance to the harbour with lighthouses on each end.  There is an expanse of sea but in the far distance there is more of the Isle of Man land mass.  There is a faint hint of land further out which is Ireland.

In terms of movement it was an extremely windy day so the grass was blowing, there were the waves in the sea as well as the movement of the car entering the car park.  There were people moving around on the beach.  While in this area there weren’t a lot of clouds visible  they were moving.


I probably didn’t spend as much time on this exercise as I could have but it was late afternoon and bitterly cold!  I was having difficulty keeping upright in the wind so it was a quick glance with trying to remember what I had seen.


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