Exercise 2.2

Exercise 2.2

I ended up doing the next few exercises out of order and after 2.6 and 2.7 as I live alone and am on a contract on the Isle of Man I had some difficulty finding someone to be my ‘model’.  The person I eventually asked then was sick for a couple of weeks so there was some delay.  However, let me introduce you to Beryl – Beryl is a genuine Manx person who is a friend through the Isle of Man photographic society.  She was still not 100% well on the day we did the photo shoot in four degrees hence she remained well wrapped up.

The Task

Select your longest focal length a compose a portrait shot fairly tightly within the frame in front of a background with depth [again the street we used was a little wider than I would’ve liked making it difficult to get a tight crop].  Take one photograph.  Then walk towards your subject while zooming out to your shortest focal length [this made me feel a bit dizzy!].  Take care to frame the subject in precisely the same way in the viewfinder and take a second shot.  Compare the two images and make notes in your learning log.


The two shots were framed as best as I could without using a tripod in the same way – it can be seen that Beryl’s shoes have crept into the shot in the second photo along with the upper story of the house on each side and there is also more sky included in the second image.

The course notes suggest that a ‘standard lens’ (i.e. 50 mm fixed focal length for a full-frame camera approximates the perspective distortion of human vision.  For this exercise I used a Canon 6D camera (finally returned from being repaired!) and a 24-105 lens thus the first image is shot at 105 with the second at 24.

I think these images make you think about the background – apart from the distortion of the parallel lines in the second photo Beryl appears smaller in the frame but the background is interesting in terms of the buildings and the paving is more emphasized.  However if I wanted the focus to be on Beryl rather than the background the zoomed in shot would be better.




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