Framing and Cropping

The course book asks us to reflect on the difference between cropping and framing and quotes Szarkowski as identifying ‘the central act of photography as a decision about what to include and what to reject, which ‘forces a concentration on the picture edge…and on the shapes that are created by it’ (Bloomfield, R. 2014: 26).

This statement to me would be a definition of framing where the photographer has made a conscious choice about what to include in the photo and what to exclude.  It is likely he has considered rules such as the ‘Rule of thirds’ or other factors such as leading lines.  This photo which is one of Szarkowski’s seem to me to be a carefully considered faming of the road and houses each side.


A second example from Walter Evan’s again seems to suggest careful framing in this picture:


Cropping to me suggests the idea of cutting something out of a picture or not including it.  Again a picture by Szarkowski seems to illustrate this:


It appears to me that he has decided to crop the shutter on the left hand side so only half is showing – this does draw attention to that side of the photo first.

A further example from Walter Evans shows what initially seems a carefully framed shot but one’s eye travels to the part of the bike that is showing and wonders if Evan’s deliberately cropped out the rest of the bike – many today in post production would be tempted to crop this out but it does ensure the whole photo is looked at.

Evans, Walker


Bloomfield, R. (2014).  Photography 1: Expressing your Vision.  Barnsley: Open College of Arts.

Caspar, J. (date unknown) John Szarkowski Photographs.  Accessed 30/10/2016.

I undertook a google search for the images by Walter Evans on 30/10/2016 –








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