Very first blog


Wow, I’ve actually managed to get a blog thing going – this is a technophobic mature student…

I’m very excited to be at the beginning stages of a photography degree.  I’m hoping that by really having to think about photography, looking at other’s work, and then by trying things out I will take my own photography to a new level.

The Square Mile as a 1st Assignment for me is bringing back lots of childhood memories – most of my square mile is going to include the beach which is 2 minutes walk from where I’m currently living.  I want to try and capture not only the memories, but the history of my current beach as well as the various emotions and moods that water whether it be beach or otherwise invokes.

I’ve taken some initial photos and hope over the next few days to do some more.  I’ve had a skim read of some of the recommended websites as well and hope to do more reading over the rest of this week and then to begin to write up and ‘weather permitting’ have a second session in my square mile.


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